Monthly Archives: May 2017

Photo Bomb the Photo Booth

The trend in having photo booths at parties is not letting up anytime soon because let’s face it – it’s too much fun.  If you’ve been to a party lately, you’ve noticed that there is usually a photo booth there which can provide hours of fun, especially when the adults get into the act.  But is there an alternative to the rental of a photo booth?  Actually, there is, and it’s probably right in your hands.  Your phone or iPad mini has a photo booth feature that can be lots of fun when used in a clever way.  So here’s a few tips on using your smart phone or mobile device to have photo booth fun for less.

If you have an iPad mini, find the photo booth app and tap on it.  Up comes a number of fun distortions for you to try.  They appear first in a grid, with the normal view in in the middle square.  Tap on the special effect you want to try.  Point the front facing camera at your face.  When it comes up, and your face is framed the way you want it, click the shutter to take the picture.  If you like it, keep it. If not, just delete and start again.  You’ve got lots of effects to choose from like Thermal, Mirror, X-Ray, Squeeze and more.

Teens are having lots of fun using this app.  It even makes shopping more fun.  One young blogger held an unboxing event with clothes she purchased from Aeropostale using Groupons.  With each item she revealed, she used a different effect to indicate how she felt about the look of her new jeans, tops and boots.  It was so clever she got thousands of hits, likes and shares making her post viral.

Most of all, she said she liked the ease of using a Groupon to make the purchases online.  Instead of neglecting her studies during finals, she used her smart phone to buy everything she needed and it was sent along with free shipping.

Do you really need a wallet sized photo when you can use your phone?  Sure it’s a throwback to the vending machines of the past, but if you don’t have photo booth rental money in your budget this year, remember, there’s an app for that.  And it’s providing lots of fun.